- Albacore Loin -

We deliver the highest quality Albacore loin products to our customers in the United States. Through the Poseidon Group's global network, we carefully select and purchase albacore tuna that are outstanding in freshness, greasiness, and coloring. We then process them at our plant which is certified by HACCP, BRC and ISO among others. In particular, our Albacore loin products feature elevated levels of fat contents which make them more prestigious and delicious than others.

By request, we process and deliver products with MSC certified ingredients as well.

- Crab Meat -

Our crab meat products are exceptionally sweet, juicy and rich. We purchase Deep Sea Red Crabs from Namibia, Africa, which are higher-grade and contain more umami (amino acid) than snow crabs.
Then, we carefully process them by hand, in order to maintain the shape of the meat and the umami component within the meat.

For our lower-cost products, the Red Snow Crabs from the Seas of Russia are processed in similar way.

- Sea Bream -

Poseidon Group's red sea bream is carefully raised in an expansive aquaculture facility then processed at our own factory in the city of Amakusa in Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu. Using our original method, we marinate the red sea bream in yuzu citrus vinegar to preserve the sea bream's original umami.

The aquaculture facility shields the sea bream from the sun to prevent sunburn, thus, the fish's body is translucent. Also by adding the process of quickly dipping the fish into boiled water, the excess fat is disintegrated from the fish meat, allowing the yuzu citrus vinegar to be better absorbed. A slightly boiled surface provides a wonderful texture, and the raw inner layer is filled with umami deliciousness. It is good for both western cuisines as well as Japanese, including sushi, sashimi and carpaccio.

- Salmon -

Raised in a clean and spacious facility within the vast wilderness of Vancouver Island in Canada, our king salmons are fed solely naturally derived food and no antibiotic substances. They have extremely high levels of fat contents, coloring, taste and texture, and they are certified as organic food by POSA (Pacific Organic Seafood Association). After processing these king salmons into fillet, we apply our original measure called "Ultra-Low Salt Water Processing" and instantly freeze them in a -58 °F Ultra-Low flash freezer to avoid any dripping when defrosted. Please enjoy the highest quality king salmon sashimi.