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Poseidon Group

With our motto, "Safety of Food, Joy of Eating", and through our group network in the United States, Japan, Korea, Canada, China, Taiwan, southeast Asian countries,
and European countries the Poseidon Group continues to pioneer and develop commodity foods and products worldwide.
We ensure the safety and quality of our products by having our group network manage all aspects of our flow, including purchasing, processing, distribution, and sales.
We are driven to deliver the most delicious and safe food products to our customers
by maximizing our competitive advantage and having our own network manage all aspects of logistics.


About Poseidon Group Network

Premier Wagyu & Seafood London Ltd., London, UK

Tokio International Co., Ltd.,
Seoul, South Korea

Kaijin Trading Co., Ltd.,
Tokyo, Japan 

Nichiryo Foods Pte. Ltd.,

Tokio Japan Co., Ltd.,

Tokyo, Japan

Poseidon Group International, Inc.,
Los Angeles, USA

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